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Series » B » Burn-Up Excess

Burn-Up Excess

Release year
Animation, Action, Adventure
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They're back! Rio, Nanval, Lilica, Maya and Yuji are back on the force and ready to go beyond the call of duty in their greatest adventure yet in this continuation of the Burn Up Warrior series. Project Warrior is the bottom line of defense against crime in the futuristic metropolis of Neo-Tokyo: led by Maki, a calm and cool under pressure police officer, Project Warrior is ready to go where normal law enforcement cannot and will not venture in order to stop criminals dead in their tracks before they get out of hand. But this time, Project Warrior finds itself in a situation that's about to spiral completely beyond even their control when ordinary run-of-the-mill criminals get their hands on high-tech weaponry and devices and begin to go on looting sprees in the quiet urban section of Police-town. While doing some investigating, they discover a conspiracy involving corrupt politicians, illegal international arms sales and a crime syndicate that's being run by a 'presumed dead' cop. No sooner does Maki's team of specialists put out one fire, they soon find themselves contending with another one and just when Warrior thinks they've won, they really haven't. Someone is working behind the scenes to set Warrior up for a really big fall and before the clock runs out, they'll have their hands full trying to solve an eight-year old mystery involving black diamonds and to stop a new breed of unstoppable mecha assassins from hitting the streets of Police-town. For Project Warrior, police work is definitely no day at the beach!
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