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Series » A » Adventure Inc. » Season 1 » Episode 8

Adventure Inc. Season 1 Episode 8 - Magic of the Rain Forest

Release year
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery
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Judson and the team get hired by an insurance company to find Victoria, a missing anthropologist and old girlfriend of Judson's. Their guide gets killed and then miraculously resurrected by a boy, Faran, of the local Sauro tribe Victoria befriended. A local gang in cahoots with the insurance company follow the team to get hold of the ransom or the death benefits and they all meet Victoria who faked her kidnapping to get the money to save the village. They get hold of the guy in charge but his buddies break him out and poison Victoria. Judson uses the same miraculous ritual to bring her back and the death benefits go to the boy to save the village. Except Faran reveals Judson used the wrong herbs.