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Series » A » Adventure Inc. » Season 1 » Episode 18

Adventure Inc. Season 1 Episode 18 - The Man Who Wouldn't Be King

Release year
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery
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In Pondicheery, India, the team meet a local man who is killed while trying to get the Lost Sword of Tamerlane to Judson – the wrapping has a map leading to Tamerlane's treasure. The map leaves to the island of Nicobar where Judson is greeted by name as "The Chosen One" who is scheduled to be married to Nunda. The natives got the idea to lure Judson to help them when they saw a partial article who mentions he is a "pirate killer" (he won a legal battle) because they need his help against Quon bandits. When the village leader is killed Judson and the team vow to fight them – the bandits kidnap Judson's "bride" he must marry to fulfill the prophecy, so the team sneaks into the bandit's camp to get her back. It turns out that another woman, Loesan, is the princess and Nunda is her servant – the two switched places but Loesen agrees to marry after all. One of the villagers is a spy and reveals who the real princess is and the bandits launch their attack. Judson and the rest manage to get the drop and use the trap and weapons they set up early and drive them off, freeing the village for good.