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Series » A » Adventure Inc. » Season 1 » Episode 15

Adventure Inc. Season 1 Episode 15 - The Search for Arthur

Release year
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery
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The team are helping the Camelot Society try to find King Arthur's grave despite the reluctance of some of the locals, and a mysterious accident and the appearance of the Dark Rider, a ghostly rider said to attack thieves and vandals, plague their efforts. Gabe suspects the son of the local Lord Richard Briarcliff, Morgan, who Mac is involved with, and evidence is planted on Morgan to make him look guilty. Judson finds the apparent remains of Arthur and then the team is struck at by a series of attackers working for the local Lord are destroying any evidence of the bones. The team identifies the remaining evidence and determine the bones are only 30 years old and of the real Lord Richard Briarcliff that the Lord is the grandson of an imposter. At an Arthurian party they get a blood sample from Lord Richard but he catches on and locks Mac and Gabe in a crypt. They use methane fumes to escape and Mac knocks out Lord Briarcliff. As they leave Gabe gets a brief glimpse of the true Dark Rider.