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Series » A » Adventure Inc. » Season 1 » Episode 13

Adventure Inc. Season 1 Episode 13 - Echoes of the Past

Release year
Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Mystery
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While in London looking for a Black Madonna, Mac is forced to go on the run from some CIA types and she soon meets a man, Gavin, who has a mark similar to one she has and claims he knows her. Judson and Gabe go looking and the CIA get on their trail and claim they're trying to save Mac, who used to work for them as a freelance contractor that went undercover and was drugged to forget the guy she w as sent to bring down and $6 million in diamonds. Gavin tells Mac the same story but that Canfield is the bad guy. Mac's errant memories aren't helping but eventually Gavin is revealed as the bad guy, Mac escapes and gets together with the guys tells the CIA to get lost, and then Gavin captures her and gets her to lead them to the diamonds. Canfield shows up and Mac ends up shooting Gavin for good this time.